Game on an erasable court

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The art of filling in grids is not simply a matter of crossing words by matching the letters they have in common. It is more about taking the time to stop and analyze each definition and discover the key to it. But playing with words is not the only interest of crossword puzzles, it will confirm that you always learn something by filling in a grid. There’s nothing like it to enrich your general culture!

Of all the letter games, crosswords are the only exercise that really allows you to have fun while improving your knowledge, to have fun while torturing your brain, and finally to juggle with words while enjoying the ones you call good. It is for all these reasons that crossword puzzles deserve to be honoured with the title of *KING OF SPIRIT GAMES*.

Discover the right answer to Game on an erasable court found on New York Times Crossword of April 16, 2021

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